The Song of the World is a song written by Maire, bard of the Dji Cantos. It tells about the creation of Earth, Albion, and the ancient history of the Celts.


Animebona said in her morning: There is flow in thought and also in being. And the world opened and all thought became being in her, an All Alone. And he, Animenkna, said to her in the evening: you have created men, plants, the animal. Let the first guide the last, sister, and order the things and praise to you. Animebona said to her brother: they are my thoughts, which you seek to name and order. Are you guided by the fear that you do not know the One above All? He, Animenkna, left offended. And he swept through the forests, mountains, and sea. He gave order to the beings, and forgot none. He brought fire to men and iron for war. Then he, Animenkna, called the people. He called one Helromier and the other Celt, and he remained with the first. He named Sa-Ethar the leader of Helromia and directed him to endless battle, a battle against the children of the flow, the Celts. Order with fire, power with order. Cingetorix arose and also his brother the Catuvellaunus. But Sa-Ethar marched to battle, for being or dying, girded with Broto - his sword and his son. They came together in early morning and fought through the day and night. Then Vercingetorix fell early in the evening and Catuvellaunus in the same place. In dying he spoke, the Catuvellaunus: "Cursed be your sword, your Broto, your spirit, Sa-Ethar. Your sting will soon betray you. And murder will become the order which only promises power!" Then the Catuvellaunus died. And Sa-Ethar soon followed him into death, murdered by Broto, the false son. The sword brought death to the hand that ordered it. But the sting was soon pulled. The sons of the opponents grew up - Canto the sleeper and Bathrig, Helromier - like Ulysses - adapted to the essence. He seemed a servant of Animebona, the words flowed like waves. But this flow was poisoned with cunning: the source lay in the realm of Animenkna. The Celts, wearied from battle, drank. And fell to the name manifold, which Bathrig had given to the god of all gods. The essence called, and Canto awoke. He had slept long and on distant paths, and he tried and rode Animenkna's bull. Animebona called, to save the Celts from Bathrig and his god Iaghvir. Animebona saw the last of the few Celts assembled around Canto. Her spirit was strong and longed for Albion, the land which Cantos imagined beyond the mists. Animebona led the Celts along stone-less paths, without dark and light. Until one day in Cantos' spirit the white land broke through the fog. The white land, said Animebona, consists of all colors together. You cannot break it, for this is Albion: Go, and enlighten yourself.

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