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*              ALBION                *
*    English version (7/29/1996)     *

Here you can find information that we were unable to include in the manual.


If ALBION reports it does not have enough memory or that memory is too fragmented please check the following.

Remove programs from your configuration (CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT) which are not essential, such as SMARTDRV.EXE and sound drivers.

If you type ALBILOW instead of ALBION, ALBION will run in a low memory mode. The program will however run slower because your hard drive is being used as "virtual memory". Please note that you need at least 16 megabytes of free space on your hard drive to use ALBILOW.


Start the ALBION shortcut (the icon with the MS-DOS symbol) instead of the ALBION application.


Although the game works with this configuration, you may want to try playing the game in MS-DOS mode. Windows 95 employs virtual memory which slows the program down.


We recommend you play ALBION using DOS instead of Windows 3.11. In most cases ALBION works fine with Windows 3.11.


ALBION runs almost completely from CD and requires only a little hard drive space. However, a saved game can grow to about 300 kilobytes in size. If you save a lot of games this can take up quite a large amount of space on your hard drive. You can delete any old saved games (in the SAVES subdirectory), if you need room on your hard drive.


The options menu contains volume controls for music and sound effects. It also allows you to set the size of the 3D window, as well as controls that allow you to customize the combat screen.

COMBAT DETAIL LEVEL influences what the combat spells look like. If some effects slow down your computer, you can adjust the level of detail down here.

COMBAT TEXT DELAY adjusts how long the texts during the combat rounds are shown. By changing this you change the duration of the entire combat round.


If you want a member of your party to leave (possibly because you want to take someone else with you), you can ask him or her to leave during a dialogue. However, not everyone will leave at any time during the game, many party member are necessary to complete parts of the game. This means the option is not always presented in the dialogue screen.


To help you remember which words you have already asked about in a dialogue, already chosen words are shown in SILVER. The words you have not asked about yet are shown in GOLD.


Please remember that you must have entered a location before a goto-point appears. It's not enough to have "seen" the location in the automap. A goto-point allows you to simply click on a location and "jump" there if you have already been there.


To successfully use these spells you should know two things: first of all the effect depends not only on the spell's strength, but can also be improved by casting it more than once. Second, hitting a monster (any monster) helps to increase the intimidating effect of these spells.


We have tested ALBION for hundreds of hours. However, if a problem occurs, the program will play a tone on your PC's internal speaker.

If the problem is not critical you will be notified when you leave the game. If the problem does not stop you from playing, ignore it.

If the program ends automatically, or the problem stops you from playing, you will find a file called ERROR.LOG in the ALBION directory. An error report is written in this file.

In this case contact our hotline 847-539-7934 and pass them the information in the error log file.


On the CD you will find several demos and movies of upcoming Blue Byte products. The videos are stored in the AVI (Video for Windows) format.

To watch the videos, start Windows and run the program NEWS.BAT in the root directory on the CD. This program will create a program group and several icons. Double-click on an icon to watch a video.

To watch the videos, Video for Windows must have been installed on your PC. For your convenience we have included a Video for Windows installation program in the /news/vfw directory. Simply run setup to install Video for Windows.

To install the demos click on the appropriate icon to start the installation.

Battle Isle 2220 will create a program group called Battle Isle 2220 Demo. Click on the BI 2220 Shadow of the Emperor icon and play.

Settlers II will not create any windows program groups since it is a DOS application. To start the demo exit to DOS; type: CD\BLUEBYTE\SET2DEMO and enter.

And most of all, Have fun.

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