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The Iskai are the intelligent native inhabitants of Albion. They live in wondrous plant cities, notably Jirinaar and Srimalinar. They are known for hunt, craft, trade and cattle breeding. They appear to have developed from predators, but they eat both meat and plants.


Body image 4

Sira, an Iskai woman.

The Iskai are taller and thinner than humans, about 2.3 meters tall. They have a prehensile tail which they use so cleverly that it is almost like a third hand. Their body is covered with very short but thick fur and many of them have belts of longer fur over the breast and hip area. There are many color variations of the fur and the long hair on the head. There are pieces of horn on the head and on the main joints, as well as on the fingers and feet where they act as claws. The most noticeable part of their body is the crystalline structure on their forehead, called Trii.


Body image 3

Drirr, an Iskai man.

The Iskai are not as strong as humans, but they are very fast. Their sense of smell is better than that of humans. The high range of their voices indicates that their hearing spectrum is shifted up above that of humans.

Notable Iskai charactersEdit


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